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Mom Can I...

Mommy needs so coffee

Good news I can walk on my broken foot again, the down side the house needs cleaning. My husband has done a great job doing both of our jobs, and keeping the home running. Now that I’m up and moving it’s time to give a good cleaning. My crafting has had to take a back seat :-(

This morning I woke up to get to work. Time to get a cup of coffee and get started. What do you mean I don’t have coffee…

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Mom what size am I?

Today is more of a rant. I’m so tired of hate from people. “She’s to fat” “she needs to eat something” What does it matter to you? If you are that worried about the person next to you, maybe you should look in the mirror, because my bet is it don’t like yourself.

Here’s my point so I don’t get to carried away, what size are you size perfect. As long as you are healthy that’s all that matters.

We all come in different spaces and sizes, and that’s a good thing.

Mom can we make something for our teacher…

Well that’s what they would have said, if I hadn’t already thought of it, that is :-) In trust they have a great teacher and I’m room mom, so I wanted to do something nice for her at the end of the year. Here’s what I came up with, I’m calling it “why you do this job” book lol. We all know sometimes we have bad days and needed to remember why we do it. I know I do.

I started with 12x12 cardstock,I cut it done to about 12x9. No need to be perfect, you just want it over lap your book by about an inch on three sides.


Have you checked out Sea Lemon? Can I ask why not? Ok check her out she’s on YouTube and may other places. Back on point, that’s where I got the idea for the tiger print (our mascot is a tiger). So with my trusty sharpie I got to drawing. I made two, know they’re not the same, I know. I’ve never seen a tiger (on tv) that is uniform lol.

I did trim down my paper a little, so that my pattern looked right. Ok glue stick time. I’m sure there’s a better glue for this, but it’s what I have and seems to work just fine. You want to really cover you book. Get a real nice layer, trying not to get clumps. Now line your paper up and press it down.

Now to fold the paper over and give it a nice edge. What I did was make small cuts in the corners. Now more glue. I like glue :) I start with folding over the corners, then the top, and side. That stag is done.

wpid-cam00141.jpg  wpid-cam00142.jpg

Inside time. Cut another paper About an inch smaller than your note book cover. I did round two sides so that it looked pretty. OK now glue, glue, glue.


And there you have it!!! The one next to it is another one I made with just some scrapbook paper I really liked it.


That part is all done now. Now to fill it. I know at some point I said I was making this for their teacher right? lol I want to get each child in class to write a little note and draw a picture for her, and let other parents write a note if they want. I’m just going to glue them into the book once I get that far.

Mom what key is it again?

My kids are at the age where they want to help with everything, and really its pretty nice to have their help. Right now they have been working on trying to unlock the doors for me, and its pretty helpful when you have your hands full of bags. Until you get to the “what key is it again.”


Here’s a picture of what my keys look like, and we wonder why they can’t find the right one.

So I loved the idea of making the house key stand out in some way. There are a lot of tutorials out there, so I’m not going to make another. This is the tutorial that I used. The thing I did different was I placed two coats of mod podge gloss over it after I was done with the floss, and let it dry.

I liked the shimmer it added.CAM00128I made one for my truck key too… Why I don’t know because it was pretty. You can kinda see it behind the purple one, it’s red to match lol.

Yes I know I could just go get a key made that looks different, but as my husband has said many times “why don’t you just buy something like that?” (said in my best male voice). To me the answer is easy, I want something that’s me, something I made, something personal. I hope this helps you.


New York. I wouldn’t want to live there, but I’m sure it’s one of got to see once kind of places.