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How to Make Landry Soap

How to Make Landry Soap

What do you need you ask
2/3 cup bar soap (you’ll want this grated)
1/2 cup washing soda ( not baking soda lol I’ve done it)
1/2 cup borax
A large bucket

Put a pot on the stove with 6 cups water and your soap, heat up until all the soap has melted. Set your heat to about medium, I never do and it seems like it’s boiled over and I got to clean my stove at the same time. This step takes the…

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Make a Dry erase board

Make a Dry erase board


Okay so here’s a project ad I got that was super easy to do.

I picked up a picture frame at a yard sale. You’ll also need a sheet of card stock, you could use lined notebook paper.


Remove your glass and trace it on your paper, cut your paper. I wrote the days of the week on mine, just so everyone can see what’s going on for the week.


Put your glass back in the frame, add your paper, and the…

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Easy teacher gift

Ok so here’s what I used:
Small jar from dollar tress
And a sharper


I maybe small note that when on top that said Thanks for making us smarties and sharpies

I already have the ribbon , but all together this won’t cost more than 5 hours, and the teachers seemed to really love it

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Fully loaded crazy good nachos

Last night dinner time comes around as always, and I never failing question I have what’s for dinner? I got some pre cooked chicken out of the freezer, now what to do with it?

Nachos? Yummy! So what I did was I cook my chicken up with some taco seasoning, cook some rice, and got a can of beans out. What’s my chicken was cooking my rice was done, I put some tortilla chips on a cookie sheet, added…

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Simple diy notepad

Ok I’m kinda a freak for paper. It seems like I always have to write something down. So here’s a super simple notepad, took me maybe 10 mins. You can make them fancy and give as a gift, or use recycled materials,  as I did in this one.


I collected a handful of junk mail, that had writing on only one side. I used an empty cereal book, for the bottom. Cut all paper and cardboard down to the same…

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Mommy needs so coffee

Good news I can walk on my broken foot again, the down side the house needs cleaning. My husband has done a great job doing both of our jobs, and keeping the home running. Now that I’m up and moving it’s time to give a good cleaning. My crafting has had to take a back seat :-(

This morning I woke up to get to work. Time to get a cup of coffee and get started. What do you mean I don’t have coffee…

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